Seattle Weekly writer/editor Nina Shapiro is at it again in her “Daily Weekly” blog, demanding that the Legislature do something in the wake of a sixth law enforcement death since Oct. 31. Five of those officers, including the only female police officer killed in the line of duty anywhere in the country during 2009, were murdered with handguns. The sixth, Seattle officer Timothy Brenton, was killed with a Kel Tec sport-utility rifle, fitted with an after-market magazine. That particular firearm does not fit any known description of an "assault rifle" except that somebody in the Seattle Police Department called it an "assault rifle" and anti-gunners, including Shapiro, landed on that like flies on horse puckey.

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While doing some research for an article that I was planning on writing about gun control – both domestic AND foreign – I came across an article that I feel sums up the position quite nicely.

Here’s Scott Lazarowitz at in his recent article, The Conservative Nut That’s Hard To Crack:

A few months ago, National Review’s Andy McCarthy questioned the US’s presence in Afghanistan, and NR’s Mark Levin responded with Not So Fast.

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