While doing some research for an article that I was planning on writing about gun control – both domestic AND foreign – I came across an article that I feel sums up the position quite nicely.

Here’s Scott Lazarowitz at LewRockwell.com in his recent article, The Conservative Nut That’s Hard To Crack:

A few months ago, National Review’s Andy McCarthy questioned the US’s presence in Afghanistan, and NR’s Mark Levin responded with Not So Fast.

Perhaps that should be “Nutso Fast,” because clinging to Big Government whether it’s in the name of preventing the spread of Islamism or the spread of communism, or for “spreading democracy” through military force, is irrational and counter-productive. For many years, such debt-increasing policies of military socialism have required huge sacrifices, and, while the costs of “protection services” have risen, the quality has declined to such a degree that such policies are making us more vulnerable.

Most conservatives agree that, domestically, the biggest enemy of freedom and prosperity is government. If only they could see that government is also the enemy of our security and safety, and that our government is destroying our country more than terrorism ever could.

The principle is simple – Conservatives so often (and rightly so) rail against government programs in health care, regulation, and the like – but those same principles go out the window when it comes to trying to do much of the same in some foreign country. Cognitive dissonance reigns supreme, I guess.


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