Fathallah the grand father who started the business and built the"Fathallah Arms" Brand Name 



Fathallah The father who toke the lead in business and commuicated with the main manufacturers of arm's world











Fathallah The son who is the chairman of the main manufacturers of arm's world








 Fathallah Arms was established by the hands of its founder and creator Mr. Fathallah the Grand Father in the year of 1948 located in the city center Of Alexandria – Egypt. By the year (!!!!!!) Mr.Mohamad Fathallh the son brought In the International market, launched the Cairo branch, the Borg El Arab Factory, Supported the company with a strong financial capital and made the Fathallh Arms Co of Egypt to operate totally Independent. At the present and with all Government restrictions, . Fathallh Arms Egypt has a highly organized professional marketing & sales team Who is continually following up all of the Egyptian market trends in order to identify And provide with consistency all of the market needs. Fathallh Arms Egypt has an immaculate reputation based on the long experience Within Arms & hunting fields in Egypt. Fathallah Arms Egypt main praeiority is exceeding all customers’ expectations, Maintain excellent relations with both public & private sector clients but never the less Giving the company more marketing strength.


  • Importing & stocking Arms, Ammunition and hunting equipments.
  • Support and maintenance services in order to cover all the Egyptian market.
  • Manufacturing of Gas, Alam pistols & replicas at the large and up to date in technology manufacturing facility of Borg El Arab city.


Fathallh Arms has a wide range of products from

  • Firearms & Ammunitions
  • Air arms & accessories
  • Diving & Fishing equipments
  • Hunting equipments & accessories


Fathallah Arms Egypt has a permanent presence at Cairo & Alexandria branches And has the ability to cover and supply the entire Egyptian market out of these Bases and throughout its Network of distribution in Delta and Upper Egypt.



Today Fathallh Arms Egypt has a…… highly professional employees supporting And providing strong base in order to up keep and even outperform its continuous Growth The company has four show rooms occupying a ….. And is operating with the most Up to date technology systems.




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